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Since the inception of GeSS our main focus has been the development of outstanding learning content culminating in quality educational resources; then the development of our online management system – GeSS LMS. Now that we have these resources available on our GeSS LMS, it was time to launch our Student Administration Service (SAS model) in 2018. Essentially, GeSS works closely with selected RTOs to assist them to recruit, deliver and facilitate units of competency to their students, both on-shore and off-shore. This service works in conjunction with RTO’s delivery strategies with the ultimate aim of enabling higher student recruitment abilities, while enhancing retention and completion rates.

Student Administration Service (SAS) via GeSS LMS

Imagine if you will - having access to a company that not only provides compliant resources to assist you in your quest for a positive audit outcome; but also helps your Trainer with delivery, student engagement and monitoring of progression. GeSS is the first to offer this unique service. However, a service like this can only come from a company that is led by someone who has had 20+ years in doing just that for other RTOs. Take advantage of the expanding off-shore opportunities for RTOs knowing that you can at any time commence delivery to students with the backing of GeSS's unique service.

SAS Service consists of:

  • Assistance with facilitating delivery of Units of Competency to your students through the GeSS LMS
  • All resources including assessment*
  • Student support and engagement to assist you in achieving higher retention and completion rates for your students
    • tutorials, webinars, forums, 1-1 virtual sessions, collaborative student groups, and any other form of digital educational tool
  • Implementation of student evaluation process – Student Surveys delivered at the end of each unit of competency
  • Monthly reporting/evidence of monitoring and progression
  • End of Course student files with sufficient evidence to support ASQA audits

*refers to resources aligned to GeSS’s current offering – otherwise RTO resources are used (no cost to RTO for LMS development of their resources)

This service is delivered in combination with your commitment to quality delivery for your students. GeSS will work closely with your Trainer and provide monitoring and progression evidence that will assist your RTO in demonstrating a commitment to compliance. This unique service will enable your RTO to recruit the desired number of students, whether it be on-shore or off-shore, knowing that your Trainer will have full support in achieving optimum student engagement and progression.

Through vigilant engagement, monitoring of progression and quality resources, trust GeSS to help your RTO and Trainers to achieve higher completion and retention rates.

Note: We are so passionate about providing quality educational services both on-shore and off-shore that our products and services are only offered to selected RTOs. Our associated RTOs are highly regarded in the vocational sector and operate with a high level of ethics, compliance and student-focused operations.

For the SAS Service above, a third party agreement will need to be signed and lodged with ASQA.

Consultancy services

GeSS has access to vocational specialists who can assist you with all of your RTO management, compliance administration and student needs. The following are just some of the areas of expertise that we can assist you with:
  • compliance audits
  • website audit
  • vocational strategies specific to your region and size of RTO
  • change management strategies and plans
  • operational planning
  • vocational advice
  • advice on vocational compliance
  • LLN support and integration methods
  • eLearning set up and teacher engagement
  • audit preparation
  • staffing challenges and initiatives
  • needs analysis
  • policy, processes and procedure development
  • assistance with set up of new RTOs
  • ASQA rectification responses

GeSS has a standard rate of $1200 per day (or part thereof) for consultancy/compliance work. Email GeSS to express your interest and we will be in touch shortly.


GeSS LMS was built to provide a Global Online learning experience that will prepare students for further educational opportunities. Our online learning platform is developed for the ultimate student experience and focuses on learning tools to enhance successful completion of qualifications. Our LMS will provide students with an interactive, modern way of learning closely aligned to everyday current work practices. Our content will help students be prepared not only for their university studies but also their career.

RTOs have the choice of purchasing hard copy manuals of GeSS Resources OR they can sign up to use our GeSS LMS at a cost of $30 per student per month*. This offer incorporates using either GeSS resources already developed on our learning management system or we will provide free development services ** to place your resources on our GeSS LMS (for your student use only). Offer also includes monthly student activity reports and assistance with assessment compliance. Monthly discounts apply for student volumes:

  • 101 to 199 students = 5% overall discount
  • 200 to 299 = 10% overall discount
  • 300 to 399 = 15% overall discount
  • 400 and above = 20% discount

Why carry the burden and cost of your own LMS when you can have access to GeSS resources and free development services at a ‘pay per student’ model. Enquire now about how we can help assist you to deliver a premium educational experience to your students; while assisting in compliance.

* Minimum of 10 students required

** Minimum of 12 months sign up required

Voice over & Video production services

We can help you transform your educational content into visually engaging videos or voice overs for your existing PPT presentations. Whatever your needs, GeSS can help you. Affordable prices upon application and aligned to your needs. Check out the GeSS LMS YouTube channel for examples. To enquire about this fully customisable voice over and video production service, please send us a message via the below contact form.

To place your order or enquire about any of our services please fill in the enquiry form and GeSS will be in contact shortly.